Saturday, March 03, 2007

penitencias, faltas y temporalidades

oh, que mal lo que me he demorado en volver a postear. me pase el invierno entero sin escribir, casi la misma cantidad de tiempo en la que no he pedaliado por el frio.

hace tanto que no escribo que entremedio pase por chile, volvi, me cambie de casa, el blog paso a las mnos de google y estoy apunto de terminar el semestre. oh si, como pasa el tiempo, como se acelera antes que nos demos cuenta entre detalle y detalle. mi castigo fue encontrar mi blog lleno de posts de imbeciles comercializando viagra, casinos y otras cosas que me acaba de tomar un buen rato sacar. fue como desmalezar... algo asi como el blog como un jardin, que por descuido se lleno de maleza. yo no se si estoy en mi primavera o si aun en mi invierno, tengo un enredo insoluble. existe esa palabra? (un misterio y no tengo diccionario). he sido una descuidada con el blog, con los misteriosos y no tan misteriosos lectores, con las notas de viaje... reina la entropia tras la intensificacion de la cotidianidad, y ahora el blog trata de pensar la kinetica, ensayar el lenguaje, re-conectar espacios.

aca hace frio, llega la primavera sin decidirse por completo. Pasamos del sol al frio, a la lluvia al viento, y sin alcanzar a pestañar te das cuenta que hay nieve nuevamente. La vida continua con la ropa equivocada, con frio, calor, y rara vez equilibrio. Los ensayos primaverales acrecientan los animos, y prometen un alegre adagio antes del intenso calor que ataca en pocos meses mas. Entramos en el mes Prozac en un sitio de bipolaridad climatica. Prozac, Ravotril, Altruline, Ritalin, el mes de la extoxicacion ilusoria y la historia rosa! Y esto me trae circularmente al punto uno, que bien llenar YO esta pagina de nombres de remedios. Que BIEN que no sean mas potenciadores de orgasmo, de ereccion, de lubricacion... Que BIEN recobrar la decencia de mi espacio violado por la conjuncion entre la libre comunicacion y el mercado. Y Prosigo: Aspirina, Cefalmin, Nefersil, Ecotrin, Paracetamol, Kitadol, vamos que se puede! Hasta la Prox!

Monday, November 06, 2006

3.32 AM

chile sleeps
most of england sleeps
new york never sleeps completely and tonight it awaits me simulating to be day, day for night & night for day or whatever the hell is going on outside this hour proof air-conditioned building that contains more books than i could read and understand in my next 10 lives! whatever... the name of the game is film form- film sense and I am awake with Tomas Gutierrez Alea instead of sleeping and hugging my pillow, although I must admit I'm pretty turned on trying to put together the best stuff I have on "Memories of Underdevelopment" after having had the most underdeveloped treatment of my life from my roommate, ex roommate, who put me in the street with no warning whatsoever and via email! that’s when you really start wondering what underdevelopment really is and if overdevelopment in the end takes us to more development in the end or not, human development, social development, emotional development. And of course, there always is a possibility (which isn't exactly slim) that my ex-roommate is just crazy, borderline, whatever... whatever does it for her and whatever keeps me up and writing freaky stuff I should have written instead of getting high on heightened emotions stress frustration and terror thanks to ms. psycho and my unexpected homelessness. 3.32 AM writes itself in spirals that advance to fast, faster than the 5 pages I have to reach, faster than the time i need to find a place, just faster. faster than anything I can catch with decaf coffee anyway. whatever... whenever... maybe... maybe not... c-ya (when I catch up!)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

dumbo arts festival

sunday afternoon ay the dumbo arts festival (

pd. don't my photos just get better and better???

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

random and cautious aproximations to a city that doesn't sleep

it's an exotic animal on the other side of a cage

(the binding metal melts as desire reconfigures my gaze,

distance exalts tension toning muscles for the final leap;

once the leap extends, the road dilutes for ever)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

getting on with it

new city, new friends, new everything (including a masters degree that hardly lets me get away from books). all in all it works well. i get used to new stuff easily, i can even fall asleep on the subway and manage to wake up in time for my stop!

(meanwhile the city frames and re-frames itself every instant, the subway carts work all night, sleeping becomes a commodity, eating "well" a new challenge, and red cells continue running through uncountable blood streams)

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today my new friend Brandon gave me an ugly look when he found out my blog was in spanish, and therefore unreadable for non spanish readers, which at the current moment means basically nearly all my new friends. Although I'm extremely fond of my spanish blog (, which I created for commenting on identity and space I'm going to be considerate with Brandon and award the web with yet another freaky -space saturating- online blog. I must state before hand, that I have NO idea what this blog is going to be about other than maybe providing physical evidence of my steps through the U.S. of A. And I will NOT be responsible for boring you online, for you are free to close the page whenever and however you like. So... here goes... See you around!